Volunteer at The Household Sale

Volunteer Opportunities include:

Before the Sale:

Department Volunteer:  There are over 25 different departments and each is in need of volunteers to help with setting-up the merchandise & preparing for the Sale.  

Public Donation Days:  During Public Donation Days, the community is encouraged to do their “Spring Cleaning” and donate unused or unwanted items to our Sale. They bring their donations to us and we are in need of volunteers to help with unloading their cars.

During the Sale:

Department Volunteer:  Assist customers in one of the departments during the Sale.  

Check-Out/Tallying: Customers will bring their purchases to the check-out section and tally-ers will record purchases and give them a tally sheet to bring to the register to pay.

Material Handling: Our Material Handlers help customers to their cars with purchases. This usually involves placing items in a grocery cart and bringing the cart to the curb where the customer can pull up their car to load. Or for those volunteers who are physically inclined to do so, helping with loading furniture into customer’s vehicles.

Security: We have the support of the Police Locust Club to handle the security for the Sale, but are in need of volunteers for certain posts to ensure that customers don’t go out the wrong door or go in areas that are not open to the public.

For more information, please contact Stefanie Szwebjka at stefanies@rmhcrochester.org or 585-442-5437, ext. 2264.



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