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Cody Dresser

On July 25, my son Cody was born at Strong at 25 weeks gestational. He was 1 pound, 14.7 ounces. There was no reason for his early birth, but it was life changing for us all.

We got to know the Ronald McDonald House because I was discharged from the hospital myself, but emotionally I could not leave—not knowing hour by hour if he was going to survive. Our social worker, Jessica, made a call and got us into the Ronald McDonald House for a couple of days the first time, and then when my son had his hernia surgery, I was able to stay once again.

RMHC means a lot. It will always be in our hearts because they were there when we needed the care and a step away from the crisis and life. It was so refreshing and just something that helped us—seeing something so beautiful at such a horrible time in our life.

It was just a wonderful experience. Every employee was there to talk when you wanted to. Sometimes it was nice to just express our thoughts and feelings with someone who was not our family, because they are all involved emotionally.

If I had to describe RMHC in one word, I would choose loving. We loved it so much that when I had to leave my job, due to my son’s needs, I felt like I needed to be a part of the Ronald McDonald House. Now, I am employed in the House Within the Hospital—so the House is helping my family once again.