Virgo Family portrait

Sheri Santoff Virga

Our son, Jacob, was born in 2001 with a heart defect called hypoplastic left heart defect, meaning he was born without a left ventricle. When he was born at Mercy...
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Hines boy smiling

Sarah Hines

We first came to Ronald McDonald House in August of 2014. My son Brody and I arrived to Rochester via helicopter because a CT scan near us showed a mass...
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Patrick family smiling and holding toddler girl

Rebecca Patrick

I went in to labor at 29 weeks. Until that point, the pregnancy was going well—there was no sign of history, no sign of anything, and I just spontaneously went...
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Yencer family collage

Michael Yencer

At RMHC, our families mean everything to us. Michael Yencer, a member of one of our past families, reached out to share his story. Read it below: “On June 22,...
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Michael Pingicer

At RMHC, our families mean everything to us. Michael Pingicer, a member of one of our past families, reached out to share his story. Read it below: “Our daughter Hazel...
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Monteleone Family mother and father holding their two kids

Megan Monteleone

I live in Beaverton, OR, with my 15-month-old son, 9-year-old daughter and husband. My son was born in November 2015 with something called Peter’s Anomaly, rendering him blind at birth...
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Price family little girl sitting on floor in red dress smiling

Marylynn Price

We have a 6-year-old and our daughter, Sawyer, who’s now one. When we had Sawyer last July, she ended up needing open-heart surgery at two weeks old—so we stayed at...
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Lynsey Adamo

When I was pregnant, my first trimester screen came back higher risk for Down Syndrome, and when I was 28 weeks pregnant, we went for the fetal echo and found...
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Roberson boy smiling standing outdoors

Heather Roberson

The first time I stayed at RMHC was in 2012. My son Isaiah needed open heart surgery as soon as possible. As soon as I got to the House Within...
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Hutchinson family child drinking from juicebox

Dominique Hutchinson

My daughter, Layla, is 1 year old. From 7 or 8 months old, she was experiencing rashes on her tongue. They said it looked like thrush, but it kept getting...
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