An ovarian cancer survivor, Krystle Ellis didn’t think she was ever going to be able to have a baby. For her and her husband, Ricardo, the world changed, when they got the news in February 2012 that Krystle was pregnant. While the Brighton couple firmly believed the pregnancy was a miracle, they had no idea about the journey they had yet to face. Brooke was delivered by C-section and, after extensive resuscitation due to her multiple deformities, was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UR Medicine’s Golisano Children’s Hospital. It was a hard road. Brooke remained hospitalized for 6 months. During these months, Ricardo and Krystle found the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Rochester (RMHCR). It was the new place they had called home. Both took lodge in the “House Within the Hospital” and used the Day Pass on a regular basis. “RMHCR was our peaceful oasis. The quiet place in the storm. When we entered their doors, life for a split second became normal. We needed normal and we needed rest. RMHCR provided that and much more.”

Let’s fast forward. Now, Krystle Ellis is the Director of Events for RMHCR! Not only does she bring many talents, but she also brings the perspective of a family who has faced a challenging health situation with their dear child. She is a strong advocate for families. “The mission of RMHCR should always be at the forefront of this community. Sickness isn’t a planned event but the way how we triage traumatic life events can be. We need the help of this community to keep our programs strong and alive. Our goal is to take the mission of RMHCR to the four corners of the world.” says Krystle Ellis.

The story of the Ellis family is remarkable. We are proud to have one of our RMHCR families onboard as we push towards Keeping Families Close.